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Reading. Arm. Leaf. Exercise with Gayle.

Think of a verb (ending in -ing), a body part, and an inanimate object.

Start off like this: “After a long day of VERB, s/he discovered that her/his BODY PART was growing INANIMATE OBJECT…”

After a long day of reading, she discovered that her arm was growing a leaf. She wondered how long this one would take before it would turn brown and she could crunch it off.

The first one grew on her right thigh and was expecting it after her mother gave her the “talk”. She told her to not even try to cut it off or yank it off but, of course never listening to her, she tugged at it anyway. Softly first and it wasn’t so bad, so she pulled harder and when she did she cried out an ear-piercing yelp running to her mother who had her first aid kit ready at hand. She patched it up and a few days later a scar was becoming visible with a small dark bump.

When the 2nd one grew (that time on her left shoulder). She covered it with the biggest band-aid she could find and made sure she wouldn’t wear a sleeve-less top. Now she did the same covering it with a smaller band-aid this time.

Looking at herself in the mirror she turns slightly and lifts up her shoulder. There was no scar, no sign or trace that there had been anything there. She wished the first one had grown somewhere not visible, like her butt, or soles of her feet. Now self-conscious she makes sure she wears long shorts that won’t ride up on her thigh when she sits down.


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It’s Gayle Brandeis. How Exciting.

So it turns out that our workshop instructor is Gayle Brandeis. I haven’t read anything of her, but I’m going to make sure I do before the summer ends. She seems like such a lovely person, she really does. She smiles all the time. I mean seriously, she smiles as she watches you talk, as she talks herself, and even as she’s looking at nothing. We’re going to be doing writing exercises, awesome. That’s actually what I was hoping for because I love writing exercises, and I really  need to work on my writing.

Oh, sorry for having everything on the blog site so empty. I’m trying to get everything organized to have it nice and once I start blogging often, and writing I’ll have more things to put up. 🙂

She left us with a quote, which I will also leave you with:

“Writing is a hard way to make a living, but a good way to make a life.” —Doris Betts

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First Day of Writing Workshop

I feel terrible, I haven’t started reading the other book yet. I just started the second summer session and today is my first day. I have to write two short stories for this comming five weeks. I’m exited but at the same time terrified. My last workshop I had been having trouble, aside from the fact that I wasn’t reading on the side, there was my baby to tend to, and other classes as well. This session through this is the only class I have, a workshop, and it shouldn’t be bad. But what I’m terrified about is that my stories will come out horrible like the last workshop. I’ve been reading though, except for the last five days, and I know that it should improve with reading, but I’m still worried.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here, but I love it, I love reading and writing short pieces. It’s awesome. I know I learn a lot about myself like that.
Do you guys ever feel like your stories are horrible? Not good enough?


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Short Read and Lovely Promises

I’ve just finished reading Song for Night by Chris Abani, it is a short read and lovely in a beautiful way. I enjoyed reading it. It does have a lot of gruesome descriptions, so I really don’t recommend it to those who are very squimish, those who don’t like reading about killing and decapitating and other horrible actions described in this novella- Don’t read it.

Chris Abani is a professor at UCR, the school that I’m currently going to and I want to work on my thesis with him, I’ve been waiting for over a month for his reply. He still has not e-mailed me. I’m going to have to email him before summer classes end, I do hope he lets me work under his supervision. Cross your fingers.

I’ve made a promise to myself to not stop reading. I had stopped fun reading for over a year and my writing has suffered because of it :(. Besides the fact that I love to read ever since I was able to, I really do want to improve my writing and one of the ways to improve your writing is through reading. It is so important! I cannot slack off anymore. I have to try to read at least an hour a day and write about thirty to sixty minutes, whether it’d be here, the other blog or short pieces.

Everything is lovely. Next book to read: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Recommended by a friend of mine. I love all kinds of books. Contemporary or not.

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Downtown Blogging… The Van Nuys Bldg

The Van Nuys building on 7th and Spring is being prepared to remodel. This building is so old, from the early 1900s. The architecture is beautiful. It has eleven floors and roof access. Inside there is a spiral staircase- marble- that has been closed off, I’m not sure why. The elevator doors still have that same design. The inside though has been modernized, except for one that is always open. I think that one is just for display, so people can see how the inside of the elevator use to look like- the original art. Beautiful.

I love going to the roof, you can see a lot from up there. There are chairs and tables scattered around so the tenants can make themselves comfortable. Every now and the my husband and I go up there just to chill out in the night. I love feeling the cool breeze on my sticky skin. It feels good after feeling that hot afternoon sun. Sometimes we’re alone and sometimes there are others there too. There is the occasional man power walking; getting his exercise, or someone smoking a cigarette (and sometimes weed). I don’t mind the smell though, I actually like it. I took this picture from up there.

Everything is lovely and is going to be lovely.

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Hello World! I am an Aspiring Writer

I’ve been looking at people’s blogs and everyone always has something interesting. I would like to start another blog for two reasons, one is for deeper personal reflection and the second is just to write about different and random topics that are not related to my baby.

After all I do want to someday become a great writer. What better place to practice writing about different topics than here.

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