Short Read and Lovely Promises

I’ve just finished reading Song for Night by Chris Abani, it is a short read and lovely in a beautiful way. I enjoyed reading it. It does have a lot of gruesome descriptions, so I really don’t recommend it to those who are very squimish, those who don’t like reading about killing and decapitating and other horrible actions described in this novella- Don’t read it.

Chris Abani is a professor at UCR, the school that I’m currently going to and I want to work on my thesis with him, I’ve been waiting for over a month for his reply. He still has not e-mailed me. I’m going to have to email him before summer classes end, I do hope he lets me work under his supervision. Cross your fingers.

I’ve made a promise to myself to not stop reading. I had stopped fun reading for over a year and my writing has suffered because of it :(. Besides the fact that I love to read ever since I was able to, I really do want to improve my writing and one of the ways to improve your writing is through reading. It is so important! I cannot slack off anymore. I have to try to read at least an hour a day and write about thirty to sixty minutes, whether it’d be here, the other blog or short pieces.

Everything is lovely. Next book to read: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Recommended by a friend of mine. I love all kinds of books. Contemporary or not.


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