First Day of Writing Workshop

I feel terrible, I haven’t started reading the other book yet. I just started the second summer session and today is my first day. I have to write two short stories for this comming five weeks. I’m exited but at the same time terrified. My last workshop I had been having trouble, aside from the fact that I wasn’t reading on the side, there was my baby to tend to, and other classes as well. This session through this is the only class I have, a workshop, and it shouldn’t be bad. But what I’m terrified about is that my stories will come out horrible like the last workshop. I’ve been reading though, except for the last five days, and I know that it should improve with reading, but I’m still worried.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here, but I love it, I love reading and writing short pieces. It’s awesome. I know I learn a lot about myself like that.
Do you guys ever feel like your stories are horrible? Not good enough?



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2 responses to “First Day of Writing Workshop

  1. iheartralphnad

    where do you workshop

  2. I go to school and I have a class, or workshop in writing fiction. We do short pieces and everyone workshops each others stories. I love it, it’s so helpful.

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