Reading. Arm. Leaf. Exercise with Gayle.

Think of a verb (ending in -ing), a body part, and an inanimate object.

Start off like this: “After a long day of VERB, s/he discovered that her/his BODY PART was growing INANIMATE OBJECT…”

After a long day of reading, she discovered that her arm was growing a leaf. She wondered how long this one would take before it would turn brown and she could crunch it off.

The first one grew on her right thigh and was expecting it after her mother gave her the “talk”. She told her to not even try to cut it off or yank it off but, of course never listening to her, she tugged at it anyway. Softly first and it wasn’t so bad, so she pulled harder and when she did she cried out an ear-piercing yelp running to her mother who had her first aid kit ready at hand. She patched it up and a few days later a scar was becoming visible with a small dark bump.

When the 2nd one grew (that time on her left shoulder). She covered it with the biggest band-aid she could find and made sure she wouldn’t wear a sleeve-less top. Now she did the same covering it with a smaller band-aid this time.

Looking at herself in the mirror she turns slightly and lifts up her shoulder. There was no scar, no sign or trace that there had been anything there. She wished the first one had grown somewhere not visible, like her butt, or soles of her feet. Now self-conscious she makes sure she wears long shorts that won’t ride up on her thigh when she sits down.


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  1. Really cool. I like it.

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