Love of Reading, Writing, Words… What happened?

I use to have xanga when I was a teenager, and that was the time when I use to read a lot. Everyday. Seriously I read so much, a book a day. I was a complete bookworm. Anyway I was reading my old xanga entries and wondered what happened? What happened to my love for books, for reading, for words in general? I wrote very differently, my writing seemed to be a lot more vivid with images and phrases that I don’t think I would be able to come up with anymore. This is awful! I can’t believe I don’t make time to read, but it’s very difficult for me to read, I do read, but now like the way I use to. I wish I could though but that would mean neglecting other things and I just can’t do that. My baby is my number one priority, and then comes keeping the home a bit tidy.

It’s funny because Gayle told us that we shouldn’t worry about cleaning, sometimes we have to put that aside if we want to really concentrate on our writing. It sounds awful, but it’s one of the things that puts slows us down. I guess if I left my home sloppy and messy then okay. But I’d rather not.

Well my story is going all right. It’s become harder to write detailed images and I’m trying to stay with the flow and pattern I start my story with, but for some reason I’m having a hard time. I’m not feeling it. I felt the begining and some things here and there, but I don’t know why I’m not feeling the story. 😦 feeling a bit gloomy becuase of this. I’ve gotta read.


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  1. writemeg

    Thanks for your encouraging words over at my blog! I have to try and return the favor: I think tons of reading is absolutely the best way to become a better writer. I don’t know if I would have had any remote interest in writing myself had I not loved books so much as a child. Now, as an “adult” (whatever that means), I find myself reading less and less… time gets away from us all. But I would try really focusing your energy on reading the types of books that you love to write. All of my stories are very “chick lit,” light and funny women’s stories — and I read a ton of those. It lets me know what else is out there, too, so I can try something different. Reading books in your genre will keep you sort of immersed in that world… and remind you of what you love about the genre.

    I’m sure you’ll start to get into your story as you progress along… just keep going. Remember that it’s a draft and don’t overthink it. When I start to really examine what I’m writing and “where it’s going,” I screw myself all up. You’ll get there, I’m sure of it! 🙂

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