Just Write It… Don’t Control Your Mind, Let it Control you.

I’ve become such a forgetful person. I don’t know what happened to me, I never was like this. I need to do something about this. I’ve made a list of things I need to buy to keep myself organized. A nice journal with my attitude, one that’s going to motivate me to open it up and write, and the agenda is of upmost importance. I need to keep everything organized including: bill payments (I’ve had lots of late payments and those fees are horrendous), doc and other important appointments, and plans. Well, I hope I’m able to keep everything organized.

I need to buy that book by Anne Lamott Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. Gayle Brandeis photocopied two small chapters from that book and it was very interesting. She really recommended this book to us. They were titled: Broccoli (she talked about the broccoli inside us), and Radio Station KFKD (or k-fucked). As I was reading this I thought about my own writing and how lately I haven’t really listened to my Broccoli, which I thought wasd normal, but it’s awful for the story and the characters. I’m trying to create. And lately I haven’t really been able to let my mind go and the characters flow out of me. I’ve been “controlling my mind” which is something Lamott said we shouldn’t do. When writing, we should not try to think, it’ll come on its own, at least it should come on its own. When I’m at my laptop and I think I’m going to write this and then think no that’s not a good idea. Or sometimes I’m writing and then I think this could happen later, which I don’t think works for me because then I can’t really let the characters develop by themselves and I want them to show up on their own not, not develop around an event that my mind has developed for them.

I also leave stuff out. I write and erase and etc. La Motte says that we should write it down even if we think it might be us talking and not the character because once we look at the piece as a whole  we can decide whether it’s true to the story as a whole or true to the character. I don’t know if that makes sense… if any of this makes sense. I’m just writing. That should be my motto. Just Write It…



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2 responses to “Just Write It… Don’t Control Your Mind, Let it Control you.

  1. I agree with Ms Lamott. When writing your first draft, try and turn off the editor in your head that tells you whether something is good or bad. Your creative half needs the freedom to be spontaneous; in this way we sometimes get those flashes of inspiration that breathe real life into our work. First drafts are meant to be rubbish; they get tidied up in the editing phase.

    As you say, just write it!

  2. While you’re buying the Lamotte book, consider getting a copy of The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. More great advice for living the writing life.

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