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Reading… it’s so important

I know EVERYBODY says that, but it’s completely true. I truly believe that reading is very important, especially for infants. Of course they can’t read, but they can listen and learn to listen, as well as follow the words along with the pictures in a picture book. I try to read to my baby, but it really is difficult becuase he’s all over the place. He doesn’t really know how to stay put, or if he does then it’s only for a few minutes and then he starts grabbing the book and banging it wherever he’s sitting at, or just launches it onto the floor. He’s defintely a thrower, he likes to throw things away in the trash can, and he can’t even walk. I’m sure he’s going to flush something valuable down the toilet when he’s able to walk. That’s why we have to pay attention to him! Whoever said being a mother is not a full time job must be wacko.


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