he is so silly

I still can’t believe how perfect God makes these tiny bodies. Nice and healthy with every counting finger, every thread of hair. He can walk, he can hear, he can talk (or babbles anyway), he can see… What more can anyone want? Tantrums? so what, at least I know he can express himself when he’s frustrated–that’s something we can work on. He scraped his knee? At least he has a knee to fall on, and feet to get up and try again. Seriously, my baby’s nice and healthy and I can’t ask for more.

I have this digital camera that I hate so much!  It’s really not that new, about 3 years old, but what I absolutely hate about it is that it is not rechargable, you need batteries, and I always buy either Duracell or Energizer and it only last one day!!!!! MAYBE two, depends how long I use it, but ARGH!!! So I had to buy rechargeable batteries. I so want to be snapping pictures of my baby, and it always dies on me. SO anoying. I’ve already missed so many opportunities, especially one where my son was trying to lift his yellow bucket half filled with water on to the small garden we have, oh I love to see his tiny muscles work! And I missed it  =/ . Oh, and it doesn’t have good memory space. I want a new one =(

My camera, as I’ve just stated, hates me and is my worst enemy because it just doesn’t like to cooperate with me. Anyway, I managed to get some pictures that I’ve had in there for a couple months now and I just thought I’d put one here and show what a silly baby he is! He was trying to see if he could quickly poke the camera.



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