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he is so silly

I still can’t believe how perfect God makes these tiny bodies. Nice and healthy with every counting finger, every thread of hair. He can walk, he can hear, he can talk (or babbles anyway), he can see… What more can anyone want? Tantrums? so what, at least I know he can express himself when he’s frustrated–that’s something we can work on. He scraped his knee? At least he has a knee to fall on, and feet to get up and try again. Seriously, my baby’s nice and healthy and I can’t ask for more.

I have this digital camera that I hate so much!  It’s really not that new, about 3 years old, but what I absolutely hate about it is that it is not rechargable, you need batteries, and I always buy either Duracell or Energizer and it only last one day!!!!! MAYBE two, depends how long I use it, but ARGH!!! So I had to buy rechargeable batteries. I so want to be snapping pictures of my baby, and it always dies on me. SO anoying. I’ve already missed so many opportunities, especially one where my son was trying to lift his yellow bucket half filled with water on to the small garden we have, oh I love to see his tiny muscles work! And I missed it  =/ . Oh, and it doesn’t have good memory space. I want a new one =(

My camera, as I’ve just stated, hates me and is my worst enemy because it just doesn’t like to cooperate with me. Anyway, I managed to get some pictures that I’ve had in there for a couple months now and I just thought I’d put one here and show what a silly baby he is! He was trying to see if he could quickly poke the camera.



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i’m still waiting while my baby crawls

Yeah, Andres is already crawling, well he’s been crawling and now he’s grabbing onto places and pulling himself up and lets himself go and falls on his tiny big butt. I need to start video taping him more. There’s so much I haven’t done to keep those memories phisically there. Need pictures and videos! I have some, but not enough.

I’m waiting for Gayle, I really hope she won’t have to do such an extensive rewrite (or editing?) of her draft so she can work with me on the thesis. Please cross your fingers for me! If she is able to I hope that by the end of the quarter I could be done with the novel I’ve started working on…well actually I’m not sure if it’s going to be a full novel or a short novel.  I’m thinking short but we’ll see how it works out. 🙂

On another note, I haven’t read to my baby poor Andres, he needs to have his brain stimulated with reading and words. I think reading is something very powerful.
Would you agree?

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Reading. Thesis. Baby. Last Quarter.

So I started my last quarter… I’m hoping that Gayle Brandeis won’t have to do a substantial amount of revision on her novel that she just turned in that way she’ll be able to work with me on my thesis. That would be awesome. She’s such a lovely person, you can just feel it in her presence.

Abani never e-mailed me or got in touch with me spring quarter, so I’m guessing he won’t be able to work with my on my thesis, it’s okay. In the end if I can’t find anyone by next week I think I’m going to have to opt for the research paper.

It’s so weird how you can’t control certain things you do, like coughing when you have a sore throat-or when your throat tickles because you’re getting sick- but once you’re baby is a concern it’s automatically controlled. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. Yesterday was my frist day of classes and I couldn’t stop coughing, how emberasing… but when I have my baby in front of me I hold my cough. I don’t cought no matter  how much it tickles. Weird.

I have a lot of reading for this quarter, at least 3 books a week of reading. How exiting? I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do it, but I have to. I have to get my degree. There were times when I htought that I wasn’t going to make it and I was baout to give up. I really was, but now that I’m this far, it would just be too absurd to let it all go to waste. Five years and a quarter to get one degree? That’s too long, I had so many down parts and so many times that I wasn’t going to make it. It’s taken me this long, how can I just quit now? I can’t. I have to keep going.

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I’ve Been Doing Some Thinking…

Let's keep writing.

I really have. A while ago I was so sure that I wanted to be a teacher, and I really do, but I also don’t want to loose touch with my writing side. I want to be an author. I want to write stories and because it’s difficult for me to connect with myself, let alone others I feel like this would be the way to connect with people. I feel like I need to connect to people in order to survive and truly be happy.  For now all I know is that this December I will be done with my undergrad work. FINALLY. It has taken me way too long.Seriously. After that I’m going to get tow work. Don’t know where I can work with a creative writing degree. Any ideas???

Okay, so this is the plan for this comming year: I will be done with school and start working (again, where could I work? help!!! If I can’t find anything, then anything will have to do), my husband will stop working at the salon and barber shop and put his massage therapy license to work and find a job at a well-paying PROFFESSIONAL place, and I’m going to have to put my little papa at a day care. Boo.

I’m so use to being with him at all times. Me looking after him whenever I’m not in school. Being the first one he sees, the one who feeds him, the one who does everything. My little baby. I wish I could take him to work with me. Hey, maybe I can find a daycare center I could work in? Or atleast close by? I proabbly need like a license or certificate for that huh? I don’t know. Anyway, new things this comming year.  I’m feeling exited, nervous, and scared.

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Has it really been that long??

Oh my goodness. My baby is already eight and half months old, he laughs, he jumps from happiness and sometimes, when he’s in a good mood he forces a laugh just to make me smile almost like if he’s saying “I’m happy mommy, you’re happy too right?” He knows things already, it’s true when people say that babies are smart, they really are and they pick up real quick. I had a cookie and I dunked it in my coffee. I gave him a cookie just to hold and suck on (I made sure he wouldn’t bite a piece off) and he leaned forward and dunked his whole little hand into my coffee. Haha, thank goodness I have my coffees warm, not hot. He looked up at me and smiled “heeee” that made me laugh so much. I can’t wait till he gets into all kinds of mischiefs, I can tell that he’s going to already.

I have been so wrapped up with my lovely baby and home matters since school ended that I just haven’t set aside ten minutes to update my blog or just to write. Shame on me. Writing is very important I don’t know how I allowed myself to become distant from it, especially after everything I on my other posts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

But enough scolding myself. Gayle gave us a little useful sheets that she did for us, to help us out with finding out about publishing and sending in stuff with query letters and what they’re suppose to have. I decided to post it up as a page, well I hope she doesn’t mind. Of course I’ll be giving her credit! 🙂

I did a little exercise and wrote a few words from it and so i decided to post it up, and here it is. It starts like this: “I don’t remember much about the first time they tried to _______”

I don’t remember much about the first time they tried to take me, probably because I was drunk. I often wonder wheter she was in on it all along. They have girls who go around ‘recruiting’ if it could be called that. First of all they act like everybody else and they don’t say who they belong with. Second, they don’t give you a choice, because it’s a trap.

Now I’m here trying to be as stiff as a board and not enjoy it. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t enjoy it, and I’ve never had, then I’m still a virgin.

I feel Joe’s body pressed against mine and I recall parts of that night…

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Okay, It’s all Done and Ready

I love this... I want to be a kid too.

I love this... I want to be a kid too.

So, I’m finally done, I didn’t do anything but added images. I have a slow connection and this slow laptop doesn’t help either. I’ve decided to join my blog with this one. I kind of wanted two blogs, keep it seperate and “organized” I thought, but it’s not working for me. I forget about the other blog.

It’s 1:30am, and my baby just woke up, I tried to breastfeed him -it usually puts him back to sleep- but he decided to stay up with me and keep me company. It’s so hot in our room, I hate it. But it’s not our house son it’s not like we can decide on the room, that and the other rooms are taken. When I grabbed Andres from his crib he was sticky, the poor thing, and his head had small beads of sweat. I’m glad have him in his little red sleeveless shirt, which is size 2T and he is only 8 months, but it fits him perfect, not too big. He’s sitting on my lap right now watching me type and wanting to do the same. Adorable.

I have to turn in a short story for the workshop by Saturday night. I really like Gayle Brandeis, she’s such a lovely person. I’ve started writing, but I’m not sure where the characters are taking me. Maybe it’ll lead me past the fifteen pages. If it does I’m going to have to make a note saying it’s part of a larger- unfinished- piece.

I think we should go to sleep now. I don’t want to disrupt Andres’ sleep time.

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