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this Always Happens

I knew what I was going to blog about today, but once I sat down, logged in, and opened up the “new post” page, I’ve gone blank… I want to write! I just get so … I don’t know that word… I can’t find that word… but so “Argh!!” Exasperated? … I’m so bummed out.



I’m watching E News… Isn’t Shia such a cute guy? He’s my celebrity crush right now… I can’t wait to see Transformers just to see him. Haha… no… I think it’s going to be a fun movie… From what the trailor showed, it seems like it’s going to be action packed, full of sweaty Shia…. This is so weird because I will be honest and admit that I have these thoughts, but I’ve never written, or expressed it in any way, anywhere. Nobody knows these thoughts but me. So it feels weird writing it here… It feels like out of the ordinary for me. Lol…

Well… on to my new blog!


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