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Downtown Blogging… The Van Nuys Bldg

The Van Nuys building on 7th and Spring is being prepared to remodel. This building is so old, from the early 1900s. The architecture is beautiful. It has eleven floors and roof access. Inside there is a spiral staircase- marble- that has been closed off, I’m not sure why. The elevator doors still have that same design. The inside though has been modernized, except for one that is always open. I think that one is just for display, so people can see how the inside of the elevator use to look like- the original art. Beautiful.

I love going to the roof, you can see a lot from up there. There are chairs and tables scattered around so the tenants can make themselves comfortable. Every now and the my husband and I go up there just to chill out in the night. I love feeling the cool breeze on my sticky skin. It feels good after feeling that hot afternoon sun. Sometimes we’re alone and sometimes there are others there too. There is the occasional man power walking; getting his exercise, or someone smoking a cigarette (and sometimes weed). I don’t mind the smell though, I actually like it. I took this picture from up there.

Everything is lovely and is going to be lovely.


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