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a writing prompt

Write a story that begins with a man throwing handfuls of $100 bills from a speeding car, and ends with a young girl urinting into a tin bucket.
-From “Thirteen Writing Prompts” by Dan Wiencek in McSweeney’s website.

All the other ones are just as crazy as this one and some even more. You guys should check it out… The stories usually turn out pretty funny! Mine kind of did, but I’ll work on it some more before I post it up here. Do it, seriously.


So here is the little piece I did with the top prompt. Kinda weird but here it is anyway!

The man threw handfuls of $100 bills from the speeding car his young girlfriend drove. They were on the 60 freeway heading to L.A.

“Do you think that’s enoguh?” The man asked her holding  on to the nearly empty duffle bag on his lap.

“That’s enough!” She spitted at him “I don’t even understand why you would throw a single bill out!”

“Relax, these are the fake ones, I’m just trying to get rid of some load. ”

“Where do you think we are in a hot air balloon?” She slapped his head from behind and for a second the air whupped her wet hair into her eyes. Blinding her. She swearved but managed to regain the wheel.

“The bag was too full, it looks too conspicous.” He looked like a little boy trying to explain his innocence.

“God, I swear Matt” She clutched the steering wheel tight. “You’re just too stupid!”

Finally they got off on Sotto but the young gil failed to notice the young boy crossing the street as she was about to make a right turn.

“Hey watch out!” Matt yelled pointing to the young boy who tried to quicken his pace without looking worried.

The young girl pressed hard on the brake petal jerking them forward in their seat. But she still managed to give the young boy a tap on his hip. The couple in the car stared wide eyed at him afraid to have caused him to rave in a scandalous rage with curses. But he merely looked at them as if daring them to keep going and turned back forward and continued on to his walk- limping this time.

“Shit!” The man was stunned.

“Shut up!” The young girl rolled her eyes. “He’s just as stupid as you are. If I were him I would have sued our asses.”

Behind them a siren wailed. They jumped and they looked behind them. A police car flashed his lights and the police man pointed at them and then to the right.

“Hang on!”  The young girl pressed as hard as she could at the gas pedal and next thing the man knew they were on a high speed chase.

For twenty minutes they went on in the nerely empty streets when the young girl realized she couldn’t hold her pee much longer.

“Grab that tin bucket in back of your seat Matt!” She howled at him.

“What for?” He asked.

“Just do it!”

The man reached into the back seat and pulled out a tin bucket. “Okay, now what.”

“I’m gonna stand up my seat and I need you to unzip my pants and pull down my underwear.” She stood up with her thighs pressed against each other afraid her pee would run down her pants.


“Just do it stupid!” She yelled still maneuvering the car around the few cars and corners trying to evade the cops.

Matt unzipped her pants and pulled them down along with her underwear and squeezed the tin bucket in between her thighs and only heard her sigh and the pee running down.

I know it’s silly and weird. But there it is. Haha, made me laugh. it’s just crazy.


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Has it really been that long??

Oh my goodness. My baby is already eight and half months old, he laughs, he jumps from happiness and sometimes, when he’s in a good mood he forces a laugh just to make me smile almost like if he’s saying “I’m happy mommy, you’re happy too right?” He knows things already, it’s true when people say that babies are smart, they really are and they pick up real quick. I had a cookie and I dunked it in my coffee. I gave him a cookie just to hold and suck on (I made sure he wouldn’t bite a piece off) and he leaned forward and dunked his whole little hand into my coffee. Haha, thank goodness I have my coffees warm, not hot. He looked up at me and smiled “heeee” that made me laugh so much. I can’t wait till he gets into all kinds of mischiefs, I can tell that he’s going to already.

I have been so wrapped up with my lovely baby and home matters since school ended that I just haven’t set aside ten minutes to update my blog or just to write. Shame on me. Writing is very important I don’t know how I allowed myself to become distant from it, especially after everything I on my other posts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

But enough scolding myself. Gayle gave us a little useful sheets that she did for us, to help us out with finding out about publishing and sending in stuff with query letters and what they’re suppose to have. I decided to post it up as a page, well I hope she doesn’t mind. Of course I’ll be giving her credit! 🙂

I did a little exercise and wrote a few words from it and so i decided to post it up, and here it is. It starts like this: “I don’t remember much about the first time they tried to _______”

I don’t remember much about the first time they tried to take me, probably because I was drunk. I often wonder wheter she was in on it all along. They have girls who go around ‘recruiting’ if it could be called that. First of all they act like everybody else and they don’t say who they belong with. Second, they don’t give you a choice, because it’s a trap.

Now I’m here trying to be as stiff as a board and not enjoy it. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t enjoy it, and I’ve never had, then I’m still a virgin.

I feel Joe’s body pressed against mine and I recall parts of that night…

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Reading. Arm. Leaf. Exercise with Gayle.

Think of a verb (ending in -ing), a body part, and an inanimate object.

Start off like this: “After a long day of VERB, s/he discovered that her/his BODY PART was growing INANIMATE OBJECT…”

After a long day of reading, she discovered that her arm was growing a leaf. She wondered how long this one would take before it would turn brown and she could crunch it off.

The first one grew on her right thigh and was expecting it after her mother gave her the “talk”. She told her to not even try to cut it off or yank it off but, of course never listening to her, she tugged at it anyway. Softly first and it wasn’t so bad, so she pulled harder and when she did she cried out an ear-piercing yelp running to her mother who had her first aid kit ready at hand. She patched it up and a few days later a scar was becoming visible with a small dark bump.

When the 2nd one grew (that time on her left shoulder). She covered it with the biggest band-aid she could find and made sure she wouldn’t wear a sleeve-less top. Now she did the same covering it with a smaller band-aid this time.

Looking at herself in the mirror she turns slightly and lifts up her shoulder. There was no scar, no sign or trace that there had been anything there. She wished the first one had grown somewhere not visible, like her butt, or soles of her feet. Now self-conscious she makes sure she wears long shorts that won’t ride up on her thigh when she sits down.

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