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Gayle Brandeis gave the class this summer a handout of useful information to help us all in this writing proccess, where to go and what to do, I think it’s very useful so I decided to post it up as a page. I hope it helps whoever stumbles onto it. Poets and Writers has a great online presence. Much of the content of Poets & Writers Magazine (which all serious writers should subscribe to!) is available here, and they also offer a lively discussion board, the Speakeasy. It also has a classifieds section where it lists contests and opportunities for writers to send in their pieces. CRWROPPS, or Creative Writing Opportunities, is a newsletter that sends publishing opportunities to your email daily (calls for submissions, writing contests, etc.)  Subscribe at the link above. (The daily digest version is reccommended; otherwise your inbox will be flooded) Readerviille is a forum for passionate readers and writers. You can access dozens of conversations about writing and reading and publishing 24 hrs a day. Another online community for writers is Publisher’s Lunch is free daily email newsletter about the publishing industry. You can also sign up for a paid subscription at Publisher’s Marketplace, which offers even more information about what’s going on in the publishing world. A good place for those seeking agents. Red Room: “Where the writers are” The Emerging Writers Network posts numerous interviews with underappreciated authors and provides great networking opportunities through the newsletter. Preditos & Editos is a very valuable site for writers; before you contact an agent or publisher, you can check on this website to see if the company is a legitimate one. It can save you a lot of heartache. PEN American Center (“An association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship”) PEN Center USA (“A non-profit membership organization made up of writers of every stripe working west of the Mississippi. Its members are connected by the goals of building interst in the written word and defending writers worldwide.”) National Association fo Women Writers (“Wwhere women unite to write”) International Women’s Writing Guild (“A network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing.”) 826 Writing Centers (Community writing programs launched by author Dave Eggers) Girls Write Now (helping girls find their voices in New York) WriteGirl (helping girls find their voices in Southern California) A good list of online literary journals.

Self publishing (free sel publishing site;your only cost is the print on demand books)

Info about MFA programs (The Association of Writers and Writing Programs’ guide)

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    thank you for adding me to your blogroll! much appreciated. –victoria e.m.k.

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